Road Riding Etiquette

Social Ride Rules:

  • Ensure that you look back so nobody is left behind and advise the bunch accordingly. The ride leader will make the decision to stop & wait.
  • Be aware that there are riders who are not as strong or fit as others and the bunch may have to regroup.
  • The ride leader will designate the regrouping points and they should be observed.
  • On long hill climbs, ensure that you regroup at the highest visible point until the last rider comes up.
  • If you are a strong rider, buddy up with somebody you can assist to help them get better.
  • Make a toilet stop at the coffee break.
  • The group will stop for mechanical repairs including flat tyres.
  • Take the time to review the route on the Club Facebook page or web calender prior to the ride.
  • Please let someone know within the group if you plan on leaving the ride .

Below are short videos that covers the main rules involved in group riding


    1. Be predictable with all your actions.
    2. Maintain a steady straight line and avoid braking or changing direction suddenly.
    3. To slow down, gradually move out into the wind and slot back into your position in the bunch.
    4. Point and call out any road hazards ahead. These include potholes, drain grates, stray animals, opening car doors, sticks or stones, parked cars, etc.
    5. Do not overlap wheels.
    6. Pedal down hill when you are at the front of the bunch. Cyclists dislike having to ride under brakes.
    7. Stay to the left when in front to allow room for others to pass safely on your right.
    8. Pass other riders on the right hand side.
    9. Be smooth with your turns at the front of the group. Avoid surges unless trying to break from the bunch.
    10. Avoid leaving gaps when following wheels. Cyclists save about 30% of their energy at high speed by following a wheel. Each time you leave a gap you are forcing yourself to ride alone to bridge it. Also, riders behind you will become annoyed and ride around you.
    11. When climbing hills, avoid following a wheel too closely. Many riders often lose their momentum when rising out of the saddle on a hill which can cause a sudden deceleration.
    12. Do not be rude to motorists that do the wrong thing.   We live here and aggravating an irate or irresponsible motorist does not help other road bike riders.
    13. If the ride leader sees fit to call a pace line even on a social ride, we only use rolling turns.   See the video below for instructions on how this is conducted.