Introductory Rides



Improve Your Group Riding Cycling Skills!

CycleSense = Excellence (CS=E) and Byron Bay Cycle Club will be conducting a cycle skill training session for anyone interested in improving their cycling ability. Conducted on a Saturday morning, the session offers a great opportunity to develop your bike control skills and learn how to ride safely and effectively in a group situation. The program is for anyone who wants to improve their confidence and skills on the bike.

The program is conducted following AustCycle guidelines and uses AustCycle accredited Teachers who each hold a current Working with Children Check (WWCC) and First Aid certificate. AustCycle is Australia’s national provider of accredited cycle training.

Program Details
When: Saturday 15 February 2014
Time: 9.30am to 11.30am
Location: ByronBay Regional Sports and Cultural Centre, Ewingsdale Road
Cost: $30

Learn about:

  • Conducting a basic bike check
  • Correcting your riding position
  • Effective braking and cornering
  • Choosing correct gears when riding
  • Controlling your bike through a range of bike handling skills
  • Effectively scanning, signalling and identifying hazards while riding
  • Riding confidently in a group scenario
  • Single file riding – swapping a turn (in pairs)
  • Single file riding – swapping turns (4+ riders)
  • Dual file riding – swapping turns (4+ riders)

Enjoy cycling even more by getting the skills to improve your current performance, confidence and safety.


What is the level of cyclist catered for in the Intro Ride?

  1. Those who are currently riding a road bike but have only ridden by themselves.
  2. Roadies who have only ridden with groups of friend.
  3. Mountain bikers who are getting into road riding
  4. Roadies who need a bit more confidence.

I am a very experienced rider do I need to do this when I join the Intro Ride? Unless you have been racing for a previous club, yes!  There are many riders out there that have bad habits.   Additionally, riding on the country roads and through the hinterland conditions in this area requires an understanding of the rules we follow whilst riding in a bunch.

Who conducts these rides?   Cycling Australia Accredited Coaches. 

When are these rides held?   Depending on the demand but we will let you know in plenty of time and it will also be in our Club Calendar.

What do I have to bring?   You will need a road bike with drop handlebars – no flat bars or aero bars, speedometer (preferably with cadence) water bottle, tool kit, spare tube and pump.

Where do we go and what do we do?  Depending on the level of experience,  a decision on a training venue and route will be decided on the day.   The skill session will include bunch riding skills, practicing rollovers and review of safety.  This generally takes between 1 – 1.5 hours

What kind of fitness do I need to have?  You will need to be fit enough to average a 1 hour ride by yourself on an average  28km per hour speed to be able to join one of our lower speed training bunch rides or social rides. You are therefore encouraged to be able to do this before you join the intro ride class.

What kind of work can I do to increase my fitness to join a bunch ride?  There are no secrets, you need to do the km to gain fitness.   This is a simple rule used in training that you can observe in order of importance to improve your fitness –  FIT:

  1. F – Frequency:   Always go for more short rides during a week than 1 or 2 long rides over a weekend.
  2. I – Intensity:   Choose to train in short and higher intensity sessions as opposed to long and non intense sessions.
  3. T – Time:   The time you are out on a training session is less important than how frequently and intense you make the sessions.   Eg:  it is better to do 5 X 1  hour training sessions than 1 X 5 hour training session.    There are alot of people that can cycle for long periods but cannot maintain a high intensity.   Time out on the road is not a correlation to increasing fitness without Intensity & Frequency.