Byron Bay is one of the Australia’s top tourist destinations.   Besides our world famous beaches, we have one of the most scenic and varied landscapes in Australia.   This includes a number of small historic towns situated amidst subtropical settings.   Once you travel 5 km west of Byron Bay, you enter into a cyclist paradise with hinterland landscape  that is missed by most tourist.    You can travel on scenic routes further west or north and south in a look.   This is one reason why Byron Bay has been a cyclist mecca since the 1930’s. Our social ride page has some routes you may want to explore yourself or join in.

If you are interested in group rides, you will find a number of group ride levels in this section.   It is important that if you are joining group road bike rides that you:

  • Have the right equipment – no aero bars
  • Are experienced in bunch riding
  • Have the relevant fitness level associated with the ride listed.
  • Be familiar with our ride etiquette listed in our Tips.

Safety is paramount  to our riders and we want you to enjoy and share our experiences safely.

If you are local to the area and ride with bunch rides, you should join your local club whether it is Byron Bay, Northern Rivers, etc.  This should be despite any reservations you may have regarding sponsors, racing, personalities, etc.   We need local membership to be relevant and be represented in the community.  As volunteers, the club  promotes cyclist interest in the community in various ways including and not limited to:

  • Negotiating with the police, council and other groups in the community on cyclist behalf re road conditions, safety and other issues.
  • Raise funds for sports facilities associated with cycling (we currently have $100K in the kitty).
  • Represent cyclist interest and concerns in Byron Bay through representation to Cycling Australia.
  • Generally promote a safe cycling environment for cyclist.



  1. Juniors must be on restricted gears for all rides and races.   This includes competition in adult races.   It is the responsibility of the Junior to check their roll out prior to an event.    The Commissaire has the discretion to check a roll out before and/or after an event.   See CA Gearing Information
  2. Juniors are required to be in the care of a responsible adult during training and rides unless a CA accredited coach is present.
  3. If the Club cannot provide a Child Protection Officer during training or races,  a parent or guardian must be present at all times.